Quality Koi & Nisei Koi Farm… breeding champion Koi fish since 2001.

Farm Manager and Breeder
Mat McCann is dedicated
to producing healthy,
high quality Koi at a
reasonable price.


Specializing in the top Koi varieties: Showa, Sanke and Kohaku.

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Quality Koi Company, Inc.

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The Nisei Koi Farm is the product of years of incredible effort and investment. It was born from a dream that some day, high class Koi could be produced in the USA. So with that in mind, every action taken by our team at the Nisei Koi Farm is to realize this dream. Nisei Koi Farm is the home of Quality Koi Company, Inc. This Company was formed over 10 years ago by Joe Zuritsky. Prior to the ground breaking of our New Jersey farm in November 2001, QKC Inc. was based in Center City, Philadelphia as a retail store. Mr. Toshio Sakai, of Isawa Nishikigoi Centre, Japan is one of the top breeders in Japan. A long term relationship with him enabled us access to the very best parent Koi. He also gives ongoing mentoring during our quest. Some might say that he is the most important factor to the success of our dream.

Quality Koi Company’s Mission

Our mission at the Nisei Koi Farm is to produce top grade Tategoi that will be kept and grown over the next few years in hopes of becoming a champion Koi.

In order to achieve this goal, we have set the highest standards in our breeding and caring for the Koi fish. Thanks to our high standards, we are able to supply affordable, healthy, high grade Koi to everyone, from the backyard Koi keeper to the Koi specialist.

Quality Koi Company at the Nisei Koi Farm in Carneys Point, New Jersey is a 43 acre Japanese style Koi Farm using World Class Japanese parent Koi stock to produce World Class Koi in the United States.

Latest News

Winter Events

Quality Koi Company’s – Mat McCann has a busy winter planned! He will be traveling to Japan this week for the All Japan Show in Tokyo and visiting Koi farms with Clients. Follow his trip on Facebook! Upon his return from Japan, Mat will be speaking for koi... read more

Christmas Koi Auction – 1 Day Left!

There is one day left for our Christmas koi Auction. If you haven’t got a chance to see the koi in the auction, be sure to take a look!                     Ebay Auction Koi #1         Ebay Auction Koi #5      Ebay Auction Koi #6      Ebay Auction Koi #7  ... read more

Night 8 of our Hanukkah Event!

Tonight brings another Hanukkah season to an end. The 8th koi in the event is a Matsunosuke Sanke, selected by Mr. Toshio Sakai. She grew in our mud pond here in the U.S. this summer and we are excited to grow her again this year.  Her unique four step pattern is... read more

Day 5 of our Hanukkah Event!

HERE WE GO! In the second half of our Hanukkah celebration there will all be some of the highest grade tategoi, of varies sizes and ages. Each koi, rather they are from Nisei Koi Farm or Isawa Nishikgoi Center, Home of Matsunosuke – represent the best quality... read more

Quality Koi & Nisei Koi Farm…. 

Producing Award Winning Koi Fish right here in the USA

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