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A Japanese Legacy, Bred in the U.S.

Quality Koi is a top producer of koi in the United States and can trace bloodlines and techniques to the most elite Japanese breeders in the world. At Nisei Koi Farm, we apply passion, expertise and care into producing simply the best koi in the United States. ♦

Breeding Champion Koi in the U.S. Since 2001

With origins steeped in ancient Japanese culture, the breeding and raising of koi is much more than a hobby – it is a true art form. Quality Koi understands this simple truth, and it is what sets us apart from our competitors. We have studied under Mr. Toshio Sakai, one of the most renowned Japanese breeders, starting our business with koi bloodlines from the most elite Japanese stock. We have carefully designed our 46-acre farm with the best climate and conditions for the species. And we have placed all of this in the hands of expert farm manager and breeder Mat McCann. When you combine the best gene pools with superior processes, as well as a true appreciation for the art form, the result is what you will find at Quality Koi: the healthiest, most beautiful and award-winning koi available in the United States.

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For sale koi from our harvest are going up on the website. Pick up is Saturday Noevember 12th or contact us for shipping
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Quality Koi Company, Inc. added an Harvest Koi Pick up day!.

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Harvest Koi Pick up day!

November 12, 2016, 10:00am

Quality Koi Company, Inc.

Koi purchased at our Main Event harvest can be picked up Saturday November 12th. If you need to make other arrangements...

2 weeks ago

Nisai appreciation day ... Read MoreRead Less

3 weeks ago

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Shows and Events

Charleston Koi Show

Nov 4, 2016 - Nov 6, 2016

Quality Koi Company
Carney’s Point, NJ

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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • "Your name says it all! I was most impressed by your professionalism and knowledge of Koi and ponding. As just your basic hobbyists, we never felt intimidated to ask any questions. Your showroom was quite amazing! It proved to us your dedication to a quality product."

    — John M.

  • "Honest people with koi that are honestly valued. Couldn't ask for better ambassador for the koi hobby."

    — Robert W.

  • "Thanks for an amazing experience. Your facility is very impressive, your staff are the most patient, professional and informative people I've ever came across in the business…I'll be back with reinforcement and I'm dragging more potential customers with me."

    — Chi Wiz P.

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